Good storage is crucial to the continued success of holiday lights. Wreath storage is also important to be done properly. The holiday season is really a wonderful time of the year. The importance of putting up holiday Christmas lights can make it a rather busy time for the majority of businesses. The holiday season is intended to be enjoyed, and that’s what makes using a holiday lighting company such as ours so handy!


Smaller Christmas lights displays should be regarded as a whole, but larger-scale projects can be separated into various zones depending on the location of electrical outlets. When we install holiday lights, we take all of this into consideration. Commercial Christmas lights are also a different beast altogether, and require a little more forethought and planning.

If you think it’s a pain trying to hang Christmas lights, just wait until you have to box them back up! If you have to add more than 1 form of item to a box try to set them in, in the opposite order you should retrieve them. Unlike pre-built light sets that you use right from the box, you have a lot of options with bulb spacing when you construct your own lines. This takes a little more work when you install Christmas lights, but it creates a much more custom experience. For new families putting up their very first tree, the 4-drawer Box is an excellent place to begin organizing.

Simply getting the bulb from the socket can be an issue. Commercial holiday lighting is no different! You should figure out if it’s actually a dud Xmas lights bulb causing the malfunction or something completely different that’s causing everything to work poorly. Many times, simply replacing a poor bulb will correct the whole set or at the very least a section of it. Ideally, the lousy bulb will be dark while the remainder of the string remains lit. This is the same when figuring out what’s wrong with your holiday lighting tree. Oh, and by the way, standard light bulbs just seem to have the ideal shape for snowmen. But that’s purely our preference.

We also make certain you test your lights to ensure they are working and inspect all cords and wires before installing them, as well as storing them for the next year. We like to avoid “unfortunate surprises!” If your lights are going to be in place only for the Christmas season, our holiday lighting service is glad to serve you. And if they’re going to stay in place for longer? That’s fine, too!