Our holiday lighting services include design, installation, maintenance, and removal and storage. Brightly colored holiday lighting trees are also a superb option for smaller homes and apartments since they add tons of holiday pizzazz. There are a number of ways to decorate a smaller area that still makes it look just as amazing as the largest commercial holiday lighting installation, which is typically based on personal preference and fashion. Before you know it, we’ll have the most charming Christmas tree you’ve ever seen.

“Like a dummy, I waited till the last minute to do our decorations. So I asked around for a good holiday lighting company near me and thank God I found these guys. Quick, helpful, and reliable. Definitely recommended!”
-Dirk N.


New Haven Holiday Lights not only hangs all manner of holiday lights, we can also help you figure out how you want things to look! We’ve got tons of photos, not to mention you can hop on Pinterest or Google and say, “That’s the one!” It doesn’t matter the occasion, from Kwanzaa all the way to Ramadan and Thanksgiving we’ve got you covered.


This is where the hard work comes in. nobody loves climbing up on their roof in the middle of the day and knocking nails into their house while precariously hanging over the edge of the house. One sneeze and… Disaster strikes! Nobody wants a bruised butt right before Rosh Hashanah!


We include with our service FREE maintenance on our decorations throughout the holiday lighting season. We understand that things can certainly happen at the same time, so be sure and ask about our “insurance policies” as we like to call them! Nothing is worse than blowing a bulb on the first day of Hanukkah!

Removal and Storage

Perhaps the biggest pain in the butt of all, the act of removing all your decorations, bundling them up in a way that doesn’t turn your lights into a tangled mess, and storing them safely can be a real doozie. Connecticut Holiday Lights takes the hassle out of all of that in a heartbeat and does the hard work for you! Not to mention the next year we can just put them right back up again for you.

“When I think of a good holiday lighting company near me, I instantly remember Connecticut Christmas Lights. Great folks.”
Dennis P.

Connecticut Holiday Lights is a rather special breed of lighting. That’s because we work hard to create a unique and special atmosphere around your home during the most important holiday seasons of the year. The many different types of lighting available nowadays are just one of the many essential elements in any design. In the past few years, LED lighting has become more and more of a trend. Our ideas for Christmas lights help you enjoy your holiday more without the hassle.

The price we’re ready to negotiate varies based on the period of the year. Not only do we give advice on the most attractive style of lights for each situation, we also help our customers select the right model of the item when it comes to finding power and rigging everything up. We take all of these requirements into detailed consideration and also conduct a careful evaluation of the site where the lights must be installed. We help our customers calculate the length requirements by using our experience and elect for the optimal holiday Christmas lights for each situation.

That’s because our holiday lighting company services operate in accordance with the specific needs of every project. You should also maintain a supply of any necessary batteries so that they may be replaced when needed. Moreover, picking an expert holiday lighting service such as ours will readily help you ensure the complete safety of products. All of our consumers use LED lights since they generate less heat and use less energy.

Smart lighting technology that enables its clients to control light through related devices, for instance, remote settings or smartphones is a very recent technology that has some really cool implications for a holiday lighting service like ours. When you opt to put up a residential of commercial holiday lighting installation on your premises, make sure that you request the expert services of an expert, like ourselves, and not that of a random passerby who’s pretending to understand the importance of doing things correctly.